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eta Creative Arts Foundation announces auditions for: “Among All This You Stand Like a Fine Brownstone.”  Playwright Vantile Whitfield’s award winning production of structured vignettes, carved from poetry by Gwendolyn Brooks, weave a vivid mosaic of Black lifestyles from then and now.

Directed by Johnathan Wilson


Monday, March 13, 2017 (6:30-8:30 pm)*

Location: eta Creative Arts Foundation, 7558 S. South Chicago Ave.

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Submit:  Headshot and resume to: info@etacreativearts.org“>info@etacreativearts.org

NOTES: Type the following in the message :  BROWNSTONE AUDITION

Non-equity production.

There is Pay.

Rehearsals scheduled to begin late March. Date TBA

Production Run: May 12 – June 18, 2017

Prepare: 90 sec dramatic and comedic monologue. Poetry acceptable.

Character Breakdown:

Maud Martha, Daughter of the Dusk: Middle aged thing of ordinary allurement, innocently aspires to bottom rung middle classness, circa 1950s.

Johnnie Mae, ’Bout Town Gal: In her 20s, wrestling for identity, purpose and values. Mostly losing…with an occasional victory of sorts.

Alfred, The Surrealist: Young grad student, a practicing artist engrossed in discerning the anatomy of life.

Lincoln West, The Youth That Hurt Too Much: The outcast, young, blundering, over compensator, and attention starved. An occasional kind word would have change the course of his life.

Way-Out Morgan, The Man of the Middle Class: Middle-aged, moderate achiever, reluctant striver, strainer. Stress victim.

Mrs. Sallie, The Real-Realist: A mid-middle aged, an elder of experiences, capable of squeezing the best out of life.

Satin-Legs Smith, The Independent Man: A flash sport. A very responsible gent who presently has no responsibility save that of living life in the best possible manner in a high peacock tradition.

Insane Sophie, Crazy Woman: Aging from young to not here; the forgotten object of the phrase “bent out of shape.”

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