GALLERY ARTIST a glimps of a few

 Carolyn Sims
Tony Smith
Abiola Akintola
Michael Anthony
Floyd Atkins
Ray Baker
Sherman Beck
Andrea Bempong
Douglas R. Ewart
Reynaldo Ferdinand
Quinton Foreman
Ausbra Ford
Andre Guichard
Jan Spivey Gilchrist
Runako Jahi
Bryant Johnson
Marva Jolly (Deceased)

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Visual Arts Gallery

The eta Visual Arts Gallery is one of the most sought after exhibition spaces on the South side of Chicago. A major venue for the sale of African American art, the Visual Arts Gallery commands recognition and respect from Chicago's artists and art lovers for filling the dearth of exhibition space available in the community.

A cornerstone of eta's mission to promote the work and sales of African American visual arts, the gallery exhibits enhance and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the environment. Scheduled to coincide with the opening of every Mainstage production, gallery receptions provide an opportunity for artists, invited guests and patrons to become acquainted in a relaxed art-filled space conducive to learning the background and history of the artists and his/her work. Always diverse, the exhibits include photography, paintings, mixed-media, stained glass, acrylic and abstract works.

Open to the public daily, art lovers stop in often to browse the gallery and make purchases.