1. Kai, I thought it was good! As a member of the living audience, I was focusing on all the youth and young adults in this eta piece. Is there an acting school component to your Creative Arts Organization?  Do you have a brochure or any written material, and if so, can you send it to me?


Lora King

Los Angeles


2. Kai, Bravo My Sister! Well Said, Excellent.


Efe McWorter

Los Angeles


3 .Beautifully Done!


Carol Adams



4. I LOVED this, Kai!  It was very moving and enlightening. I especially like seeing YOUR NAME as the Executive Producer for conceptualization and script or something like that - can't remember the exact wording.


Well done, my dear!  Thank you for this important work you do!  The artist is the best reflection of the society we live in.


Big Hugs,

Judy Balint



5. Kai, This is beautiful...what a talent and gift the organization has at placing you at the helm.


Linda Gray

Los Angeles


6. Kai, As I would anticipate, I see you have put together yet another magical arts/humanities initiative. 


Paul Carter Harrison



7. Congratulations, Brutal yet Beautiful, Moving and Inspiring!


Sherrie Lofton

Los Angeles


8. Go girl 

Nicely Done. Keep making it happen Kai


Nirvanna Muni



Kai and friends,


9. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Voices Of Protest, Part IIA. Please relay congrats to Candace and Eddie Richardson as I do not have their emails. It does take a "village" to produce this kind of work and I wanted my friends to know what a beautiful job. I look forward to many more productions.




Delia Gray



10. Good Morning!

This is great! 


Received a comment from a teacher friend of mine, (she said it was great also) She noted to check  a word in the second line ...Still I Rise... should be “With your “bitter” twisted lies vs. “hateful”. 

Good to see the progress you are making. When things open up eta will definitely be ready. 


Kadi Sisay


11. Ed,

Great job! Glad you guys found a way to stay relevant during all of this. Keep up the good and important work!


Zernul Shackelford




12.  So many aspects to comment on: It goes without saying- that the vocals & red/black dancer was stunning and my favorite performance. I’m always transfixed  by pure song & Dance.


The young sisters flawless. On point

You did the right and ONLY duty you had as Executive Director & Creative Director & Leader:

Create a Superb video. You did that-aced it!


I know that the  important, vital issue was producing  a video for eta’s very survival & financial success  & holding your audience etc.,   Again Mission accomplished!


Definitely felt I was watching and emerged in a 1st class theatrical production (s).







13. Yes, Strong work Kai! Thank you for sharing, I wish you success with it!


Kahil EL Zabar



14. Nice job!!


Greg Evans



15. Thank you! Powerful, Truth, Real, Now Yes! Truly Wonderful!


Bruce Montgomery



Michelle Mainor

Voices of Protest Part IIA:  Reviews from our Patrons


Voices of Protest Part IIA