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June 8 – 30, 2019

Abena Joan Brown

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STAND UP! World Premiere (June 8-30, 2019) Sponsored by Chicago Teachers Union Foundation

Director:  Jonathan Wilson

The story of these heroic children deserves to be heard.  The hatred and the violence that these children endured demands witness.  As theatre artists, I believe that we have an obligation to use art as a hammer that shatters our perceptions of innocence and safety, while exposing the need for self-determination in effecting radical change within the world.– Kamesha Kahn

Phyllis Curtrwight, Composer/Playwright – began her theatre career with eta Creative Arts in 1990 as part of the stage band for a musical production based on the life of Marvin Gaye. Later, two original musicals were penned, the first, “Dr. Watts & the Saints” a semi-biographical story of the golden age of Black gospel and “Stepper’s Ball”, based on a popular dance style of Chicago. She returned to theatre for the 2015 production of “Migration”, receiving the BTAA award for Best Sound Design and later as music director for Nora Brooks Blakely’s musical adaptation of “The Tiger Who Wore White Gloves.”

Kamesha Khan, Playwright- is an award-winning stage director and dramaturg. She is also an associate professor in the Communications, Media Arts and Theatre Program at Chicago State University. Khan previously served as the Education Director at Penumbra Theatre Company. She is grateful to Kemati Porter, Phyllis Curtwright, and eta for the opportunity to share this new musical about the Children’s Crusade of 1963 with a young audience.



Cast: Malcom Banks, Lisa Palmer, Kennedy Wilson, Fania Bourne, Katryce Bridges, Kenya Brathwaite, Tristian Arnez, Jarrin Comer, Aaron Sanders.

The Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement