A Year 

of Protest

As you know the COVID19 Pandemic has hit us all differently.  Like all theatres throughout the country, our house has been shuttered, so no live theatre has been produced.  However, eta is where magic happens and we have produced a fabulous virtual series of performances capturing the exquisite voices of our historic game changers from Frederick Douglas to Angela Davis, to Jesse Williams  to Sandra Bland.

We invite you to be our magical audience and join us for one of the most

exciting experiences ever.  You will

receive a digital link that will direct you

to our YouTube channel where

you will enjoy the Voices of Protest

capturing the journey of

African Americans in pursuit of freedom.

Virtual Season Series

Part I                               

“Protest is a Constant Struggle,”  engages us in Part I A with the Fourth of July Speech delivered by the great orator and activist Fredrick Douglass and Part I B Angela Davis, political/social scientist/activists delivers a speech honoring 50 years to the date of MLK’s Letter From Birmingham Jail was written.

Part II                                    

”The Struggle to Be Human,” addresses the Black American experience during a time when lynching  was a norm and Black Bodies hung like “Strange Fruit,” form the poplar trees. Part II A James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka and Jesse Williams address the struggle to be human.